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This section provides some answers on questions you might have:

Why are some cars listed more than once?

Determining if a car featured in one ad is the same as the one in another ad is not as simple as it seems. Comparing images is simple for the human brain, but there's no simple computer algorithm yet. Each ad is assigned a key which consists of several ad properties. Only ads with the same key are considered equal – if only one of the properties differs, is missing, or was misinterpreted, the whole key is different.

Why are some sites not indexed?

Some ad providers do not allow crawling of their site (robots.txt or "meta robots" directives). If you would like them indexed, feel free to contact the ad providers asking them for crawling permission. The more requests they receive, the more they might be willing to allow crawling.

Why are some car makes not listed?

Just like the Pistonheads classifieds section boring stuff, I'm not interested in mass market car makes. This is the reason why you won't find any BMW, Audi, or Mercedes on this site. Although I quite like the Z3 Coupe and the Smart Roadster...

What is the meaning of POA?

If no price is specified or can be found for a car, it is usually advertised as Price on Application (POA).

I would like my site indexed. How to proceed?

Drop me a note on with the URL you'd like indexed. I'll have a look at it and get back to you.

Are you making any money with this site?

I'd love to, but as things are, this site is only a hobby and a playground for search engine technology.

Is the Lucene Developer Kit (LDK) available for download?

Currently, LDK is under heavy development and not releasable to public yet.