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This site is the result of a programming exercise. It provides a central location to look for (British) classic and high performance cars currently for sale.

Each ad is analyzed individually against a database containing more than the makes and models found on normal car sites. Try looking for a Super Seven (using the category) and you'll be surprised how many different makes there are. The make and model detection is supported in the quick search box as well – How about searching for a Lotus Esprit Turbo?


Konrad Holl


This site offers (at least) these advantages:
  • Car categories to identify car genres, e.g. Super Seven or Cobra.
  • Detailed car makes and models.
  • Cars which are offered on several platforms are aggregated into a single entry providing links to each individual ad.
  • Car prices are automatically converted to €, mileages to Kilometers.
  • The prices and even the price refiners are calculated based on today's currency exchange rates.
  • The search result page also offers links to manufacturer home pages, car enthusiast clubs, and Wikipedia pages.
  • Search index contents are based on a number of used car platforms *
  • The index is updated on a daily basis.

* Only platforms which permit crawling (based on robots.txt).

Currently Crawled Car Sites

Are you missing a site? Drop me a note on

System Architecture

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Operating System
  • Apache Tomcat 7.x Application Server
  • Apache httpd 2.x Web Server
  • Elasticsearch 2.x Search Engine, replacing
    my Lucene extension - LDK (Lucene Development Kit):
    • Dynamic Facets, used for refining search results based on price using correct currency exchange rates
    • Topic Maps, used to define car categories like Super Seven or Cobra
    • Result Clusters, used to aggregate ads featuring the same car
    • Advanced Text Analytics, used to detect make and model in car ads
  • MySQL Database Server
  • GeoIP Geolocation Database
  • FamFamFam Icons and Flags
  • jQuery mobile
  • jQuery UI, enhanced by Chosen
  • <htmlcleaner/> and Jericho HTML parsers

Current Hardware

  • Intel Core i5 760 CPU, 8 GB RAM
  • 120 GB & 160 GB SATA hard disks, RAID 1
  • 2.304 kB/s Internet Uplink


  • Improved Elasticsearch queries
  • Enabled HTTPS protocol
  • Migration from LDK to Elasticsearch 2.x
  • Migration from Lucene 4.4 to Lucene 4.10.4
  • Performance improvements (search time decreased by 50%)
  • Introduced LDK document IDs.
  • Introduced LDK document ID based facets, reducing latency while index is updated.
  • Introduced trie based autocomplete function for quick search.
  • Introduced advanced color detection instead of regular expressions.
  • Introduced fuzzy replica detection, used to be Boolean only.
  • New automated crawler mode.
  • First production version after 2 years beta state
  • Implemented classifieds
beta 13
  • Added dropdown boxes to slider facets (mileage, price, and year)
beta 12
  • Migration from Lucene 3.6.1 to Lucene 4.4
beta 11
  • Various bug fixes
  • JavaScript/jQuery optimizations
beta 10
beta 9
  • Added option to change result list sort order
  • Improved result clustering
beta 8
  • Added search/type-ahead to category, make, and model selection
  • New option to change the currency (preselected by user location)
  • Finalized color refinement
beta 7
  • Improved user interface (CW's change request)
  • Upgraded hardware
  • Improved make/model detection
  • Changed category, make, and model selection
  • Changed category implementation from facets to topic sets
  • Experimental mobile version
beta 6
New make/model detection with scoring based on text position and Levenshtein distance.
beta 5
Updated layout using jQuery UI for value sliders.
beta 4
Make/model suggestions using AJAX and jQuery UI.
beta 3
First public beta.